Class A

Automatic $2,500.00

Manual $3,500.00

Length: 4 Weeks / 160 Hours

Week 1: 40 Hours Total

Classroom Instruction / Online tuition.

Week 2: 40 Hours Total

Lab/Range/Observation: Pre-Trip inspection, familiarization of the equipment, shifting, backing, coupling, speed management. Backing Combination Vehicle: Parallel line backing, Straight backing, and 90 degree backing. Proficiency (behind the wheel): Coupling and uncoupling. Mirrors, braking, shifting (up and down).

Week 3: 40 Hours Total

Lab/Range/Observation: Pre-trip inspection, shifting, mapping, log books, parking, axle weights, bridge weights.

Backing Combination Vehicle: Parallel line backing, Straight backing, and 90 degree backing. Street Driving: Flat land driving, starting on grade, extreme right turns, use of mirrors.

Week 4: 40 Hours Total

Street Driving: Flat land and grade driving.

Lab/Range/Observation: Pre-trip inspection, left turns, intersections, mirrors, chaining up tractor and drag chain.

Backing Combination Vehicle: Parallel line backing, Straight backing, and 90 degree backing. Proficiency (behind the wheel): Road driving, highway, intersections, and railroad crossings. Docking.

Washington State requires a total of 160 hours of instruction and practical driving to take the Class A CDL test. The instruction is broken down as follows:

Classroom/Online: 40 Hours

Range/Road: 120 Hours

Why Choose Us
Truck driving students prefer us over other programs for a number of reasons.
Help you to pass
We will make sure you to pass the CDL test. Hundreds of students have passed.
Bilingual Instructors
English, Spanish, Russian, Farsi, Punjabi. Are experienced, passionate, patient and enthusiastic about their students success!

Over 80%


Job Placement upon graduating TDI courses. We network and partner with 100’s of local companies.

Comfortable Classroom Space
We designed our modern, open classroom space, equipped with comfortable chairs, lounge area by the complimentary espresso bar with our students in mind.
Frequently Asked Questions
How do I become a truck driver?

In order to become a class A truck driver (a category that includes almost all tractor trailers), you’ll need to earn your Class A Commercial Driver’s License (CDL). In order to receive CDL certification, you will have to pass the state exam.

How big are the classes?

We keep our class sizes small because we are focused on making sure each student has time to practice and learn the skills they need to pass their test and obtain their CDL. Expect no more than 10 students per class per week. In the yard, there will be no more than 3 students per instructor.

Do you offer any additional training/endorsements?

Absolutely! We can prepare you for the Tanker, Passenger, School Bus or HazMat written exams. Getting an endorsement in addition to your CDL can greatly increase your salary and job prospects.

How much is tuition?

Tuition for the CDL course is $3,800. Our refresher course is $1,700. Since applicants will not be under contract, we require a 50% down payment due on the first day of school. We works with many leading trucking companies who are willing to cover 100% of a student’s tuition if he or she meets certain requirements and accepts a job after graduation. We’re here to help make your education as affordable as possible.

How do I pay for my course?

We accept cash, credit card, and money orders.

What types of financial assistance do you have?

We also works with numerous banks, agencies, and programs including: Private loans, Social Services, Vocational Rehabilitation, Amazon employee training benefits, Boeing current employee training benefits, TANIF education and training benefits, WorkSource unemployment retraining benefits.We assist all students with creating a customized financial plan that works for them and always look for free or low-cost options first. Students always have the option to pay “out-of-pocket” via cash or card.

We accept and work with the following programs:

• Amazon employee training benefits

• Boeing current employee training benefits

• Corrections Clearinghouse

• Department of L&I retaining benefits

• TANIF education and training benefits

• WorkSource

• Unemployment retraining benefits

We also work with trucking companies who offer tuition reimbursement to students.

For those who do not qualify for any of the above programs we accept student loans through Climb Credit and Paramount Capital.

Please note that Climb and Paramount are loan companies and they charge interest and additional fees.

Is it worth the investment?

Absolutely! The average commercial truck driver makes $54,000 a year, and most industry jobs pay a starting salary of at least $40,000*. If you decide to return and earn additional endorsements, you could eventually make over $100,000 a year!

What are the payment options for tuition?

At Tractor Trailer Training, our goal is to assist as many qualified students get their CDL Training for as little out-of-pocket cost as possible. offers a variety of financial options for students concerned with truck driving school costs, or how to pay for their tuition. Students are able to focus less on the cost of tuition, and more on beginning a new career! Our Truck Driving School training is cheaper than almost any other truck driving school available. Students have many funding options. These include grants, student loans, and other State and Local programs for our truck driving programs.

What tuition reimbursement options are there?

Most students can receive a loan offer regardless of credit. Most over-the-road companies offer tuition reimbursement to help students recover their investment in training. Both financed and students who pay with cash can receive reimbursement.

Does accept WorkSource funding?

We are a State Approved Vendor for the WorkSource Program that offers training resources for those who qualify. This program is administered through your WorkSource Center. If you have been laid-off, receiving unemployment or SNAP benefits, you may be eligible for a grant to pay tuition. Contact a student coordinator to point you in the right direction.

Do you provide job-placement services?

Yes! provides assistance with job placement to all graduates who are in good standing with the school and wish to use the service. Although we cannot guarantee any job, graduates who wish to do so may take advantage of a number of services provided to them, including assistance with updating resumes, preparing for job interviews, employer referrals, or other services.

When you go through for your CDL training, you’ll receive the best quality truck driver training at the most affordable cost. With our Job Placement assistance, students can choose from dozens of employment opportunities with national, regional, dedicated, and local carrier companies – and have ongoing job placement with us!

We offer lifetime job placement to all our graduates! We partner with local and OTR trucking companies and almost every single student at Truck Driving School has job offers from multiple carriers before they even begin their training.

During training, student coordinators will meet each student personally to assist in their Job Placement process. Staff is available to answer questions and help guide students to a company that best suits their needs. Recruiters from various companies come on-site and give presentations to students about their company. Students can then apply to the employers if they so choose. Most students have multiple pre-hires awaiting them upon graduation. After completing their training, students are immediately able to report to employers. With the help of NSTS, new drivers average $700 – $1200 weekly their first year!

Will I have any job opportunities waiting for me when I graduate?

Our Job Placement staff will provide you with the tools that are necessary for you to find employment, including helping you search and apply for current job openings with a wide variety of local, regional, and national trucking companies and employers that consistently hire our graduates. We also regularly host employers on campus for presentations and recruiter visits.

What do I need to get started?

You must complete a full application and obtain your Class A learner’s permit prior to starting the CDL Program.

What are the admission requirements for

You must complete a full application and obtain your Class A learner’s permit prior to Admission to NSTS and the Professional Truck Driver programs includes:

• Must be at least 18 years of age. (The U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) requires that all interstate drivers be at least 21 years of age.

• Must have high school diploma or equivalent.

• Must provide a driving record free of current serious violations

• Must be able to pass a Department of Transportation (DOT) physical as required by Federal & State agencies.

• Must be able to pass a drug screen when administered.

• No felony convictions in the past five (5) years.

Your Admissions Officer will cover any and all additional enrollment requirements for those who wish to enroll at as a regular student, and will provide a list of items that must be completed prior to enrollment.

the CDL Program.

Commercial Drivers License Class A Sacramento

If you wish to start earning a competitive salary with minimal experience, a truck driving career is a great option for you. Your dream can come true if you enroll in our class a driver school - Truck Driving School! We will teach our students everything they need to know to take their career on the road. It will take only 4 weeks to be prepared for passing your cdl test class a.
Truck Driving School is one of the leading cdl a schools that prepares students to get skills for operating a Class A commercial motor vehicle. To this group belong any combination of vehicles with GVWR of 26,001 or more pounds provided the GVWR of the vehicles being towed is in excess of 10,000 pounds.

Get Your Class A CDL At Truck Driving School In Sacramento

At our cdl class a school, the experienced instructors provide students with the knowledge, tools, and training they need to be successful truck drivers and help you start a new career. During classroom training, we offer lectures, videos, and hands-on training for getting a cdl. Also you will receive skills and on-the-road training to be ready to take your final CDL Skills and Driving test.
Our training for cdl class a will teach you how to operate a vehicle in different situations you can meet while carrying different loads such as geographical or weather conditions. Our hands-on training will help you practice skills, you need to safely operate trucks and get your CDL Class A license.

Requirements For Getting Your CDL

Truck Driving School is ready to help you obtain your class CDL A License. But before starting your class a cdl training at our trucking school it is important to know requirements that you must meet:
  • Age requirement - must be at least18 years to get a CDL license and at least 21 years to drive across state lines or transport hazardous materials.
  • Driver’s license - must have a valid, non-commercial driver’s license.
  • No criminal record - must be able to pass background tests.
  • Physical and medical standards - must pass a DOT physical examination and receive a Medical Certificate.
  • Level of English - must speak English fluently.
  • Proof of citizenship - must provide proof of state and US residency with a Social Security Card
  • Driving record - must have at least one year of driving experience without suspensions like traffic violations, DUIs/DWIs, etc.

What Does Our CDL A Class Include?

Our Class A CDL program takes 160 hours (4 weeks) and is taught on automatic and manual vehicles. We offer evening and day classes for receiving necessary knowledge and skills to be a successful truck driver.
Our four-week training looks like this:
First Week (40 Hours Total)
In our classroom, our qualified team will offer you the best in driving theory instruction - you will be prepared for the written tests and all endorsement tests in the end of the week. Our instructors will present topics in a way of lectures, demonstrations, videos, and bookwork.
These topics will include such information like Control Systems, Speed Management, Accident Procedures, Emergency Maneuvers, Coupling and Uncoupling and other topics that are important for your training and driving safely on the road.
Then you will be able to receive your CDL learner’s permit and endorsement written tests.
Second Week (40 Hours Total)
Our instructors will cover such topics as vehicle systems and inspection, Preventative Maintenance, Recognizing and Reporting Malfunctions, the Fifth Wheel, Pre-trip and Trip Planning, and Emergency Maneuvers. Be ready to get practical training in driving of the truck in our range and on the road.
Third Week (40 Hours Total)
This week you will also practice skills on the range and on the road. You will have an opportunity to drive in light traffic and practice your speed/space management skills. Training will include everything you need for passing the road tests.
Fourth Week (40 Hours Total)
This week our instructors will prepare our future truck drivers for their career. You will be able to drive on the highways and roads while practicing your skills: Entering and Exiting Freeways, Backing Skills, Measured Turns, Lane Control, Speed Management, Starting on an Incline.
  • With our help, you will be ready for passing all three road skills tests to obtain your cdl license class a.

Are You Ready to Start Your Truck Driving Career?

  • If you are looking for a career that will help you become an independent person and give an opportunity to cross the States, our cdl a school near me can complete your needs. If you like the open road, and enjoy controlling a big rig, our cdl class a training near me is what you need. Truck driving career is a good choice — the salary is great and the job market is open for professional and certified truck drivers. Truck Driving School in Sacramento is proud to offer a high quality training to help make you the best on the road. We will teach you all necessary skills and rules for passing your practice test for cdl class a and becoming a successful truck driver.