CDL School vs. Company Training

If you want to become a truck driver, there are two ways how to do it. The first option is to enroll in a CDL training program; the second is to complete your training through a trucking company where you plan to work for. 
It is always difficult which type of CDL training to choose. People can use any of these options because both of them will help you become a successful truck driver; however, there are a few distinct differences between the two. In this article, we will show you the pros and cons of CDL School and a trucking company paid training. Find out which works best for you!
Why Choose A CDL School?
When you initially start to think about how to become a truck driver, the first thing that come to your mind is to find a local truck driving school where you can receive your CDL. Students can get their CDL in a matter of weeks. Truck driving schools will prepare future truckers for different tests they need to take to check their skills. Skilled driver instructors have extensive experience in trucking so they can teach you how to be a professional trucker and work with cdl contracts. Truck driving schools know how to meet every student’s needs.
Most truck driving schools help their graduates find the best cdl company to start their profession as a truck driver. Also CDL training schools offer different types of CDL, so you can choose the one you need. Students can choose Class A, Class B, or a combination of A and B CDL certifications!
Also some trucking schools can offer financial aid options to help their students finance their a cdl paid training. You can choose from different government-funded programs such as personal financing or veteran’s assistance, and others.
Try to visit different schools to choose the best. You need to receive the information about tuition cost, class size, job placement, and how much experience the instructors have.
  • How much does it cost to attend CDL training school? 
On average, training at CDL school costs about $3500- $4000, but this amount depends on the state where your school is and the presence of competitors in your area. So the tuition will be between $3,000 to $6,000 for you. However, most trucking schools can assist you for receiving a student loan. Also they have financial aid departments that can help you with loan application process. When you become a truck driver, you will have 6 months before your student loans are due. But you have plenty of time to start earning money and pay your loan.
Truck driving schools will equip students with all the tools they need to succeed in their future profession.
  • Cons to Truck Training School
Training at CDL School requires a little bit of time off work for day classes. It can be difficult for people who work full-time jobs. However, some schools offer evening classes. 
In addition, you need to complete training in just a matter of a few weeks that can be hard for those who have families or additional personal responsibilities that they have to tend to.
Why Choose Truck Company Training?
Another option that you can choose to become a truck driver is to qualify with companies who pay for cdl training. As the truck drivers are in shortage, many trucking companies offer training programs as a way to attract new qualified drivers to their company. Each company has its own requirements, but you are not required to pay for truck company training. Most trucking companies will pay for your CDL training. However, truck drivers have to pay the amount back over a certain period of time. 
In addition, these trucking companies can give you job once your training is complete. Even some trucking companies will pay drivers a wage while they are training. Though trucking company paid training may require no payment but it doesn’t mean that the training program is free. When you complete their training program and receive your CDL, you will work for them for a lower rate of pay.
Also, truck driving school company paid for your training will require you not to quit for a new work elsewhere for some period of time. If you give up your training or you will be fired by the company before you complete the training and you will be required to pay back the tuition cost.
However, we have good news for you - you’re already hired!
Being tied to a trucking company can be frustrating if you later find out that you don't want to work for this company paid cdl school.
When you are training with the trucking company, you want to work for means that you don't need to find a job once you complete your training.
What CDL Training Option Should I Choose?
If you decide to become a professional trucker, so you need to get your CDL, and you can choose any training option. If you want to have more freedom after completing training, a truck driving school is what you need. So you can choose a trucking company where you want to work for. You will open your job opportunities!
Many CDL schools are also ready to meet all needs of their students. They can teach you specific skills you need for driving a truck or help you get the endorsements you want. They will offer you a customized curriculum to suit your schedule.
Many people choose paid cdl trucking companies because they won’t have to worry about the cost of their training. In addition, they guarantee you a job when you’re finished with your training. Students don’t need to find a job because they’ll already be hired! Though some trucking schools offer job placement assistance, many people prefer to have training in the trucking company because of the convenience; they don't need to deal with a job search.
So the main difference between these two options is whether you have the money for training at truck driving school. If you can afford to become a student of a trucking school it's the preferred path overall. You will receive better experience and after graduating you can choose the company, you want to work for. But you need to understand that not every trucking company, that is responsible on job training cdl, hires from every truck driving school. So before choosing a school, try to find out what major companies hire truckers from the school where you want to receive your CDL.