Requirements For a School Bus Driver

If you have a desire to work with children and be a driver of a school bus you may have such a question “Do I need a CDL to drive a school bus?” Yes, you need to have your CDL in order to be a school bus driver. With CDL license the transportation industry will open its doors to you.

Benefits of Driving a School Bus

If you like interacting with children, to be a school bus driver will be a gratifying career and one of the most rewarding jobs for you. Often school bus drivers develop relationships with the children, their families, and can become a friend whom these families can trust.

The career of a school bus driver requires the right training if you want to achieve success and security. The first step to become a school bus driver is to get your CDL.

What You Need to Know about a CDL For a School Bus Driver

To become a full-time school bus driver you will need to complete a formal CDL training program. This training program includes learning about state rules and regulations, practical instruction and customer service skills. Once you have proper certifications, you will be able to apply for bus driving jobs and get hired. But often in addition to your CDL license, schools look for passenger endorsements. To hire future school bus drivers some schools requires successful drug screening and a clean background check.

What Class Of CDL Do You Need to Drive A School Bus?

Different states, schools, and employers have different requirements for school bus drivers. Some individual states require a Class A, B, or C designation to drive a school bus. Most states also look for P (passenger) and S (school bus) endorsements with special training. The S endorsement requires background check, a separate road test, written exam. This endorsement is specifically for school bus drivers. The P endorsement allows you to drive a vehicle with 16 or more passengers, and shows your ability to load and unload passengers.

In general, you will need a Class B CDL to drive school buses, city tourist buses, buses, and private event buses. You can gain the additional testing for P and S endorsements only after completing your CDL. Driver’s licenses are issued by each individual state’s respective Department of Transportation.

Requirements for being hired as School Bus Driver

To be hired as a school bus driver in the United States you must:

  • Have your CDL from a reputable truck driving school.
  • Complete the passenger endorsement (P).
  • Complete the school bus endorsement (S).
  • Successful background check.
  • Clean drug screening.
  • Clean driving record.
  • Speak and read English.
  • Meet vision and hearing requirements.

Schools don’t require a completed college degree for a school bus driver but you need a complete formal training through a reputable driving school if you look for a successful job.

What Does A School Bus Drivers Test Include?

Our Truck Driving School will prepare and equip you with tips and resources so that you can take you school bus driver’s test with absolute confidence.

Except the written school bus test, you will be tested on several categories, including:

  • Vehicle inspection.
  • Safe operation of stop signal devices, flashing lights, external mirror systems, and other warning and passenger safety devices.
  • Loading and unloading children.
  • Emergency exit procedures.

How Much Will I Earn As a School Bus Driver?

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates a six-percent job growth for school and special-client bus drivers from now until 2024. The increasing number of job openings keeps growing in the coming years and there were around 687,200 school bus drivers employed in 2016. The Labor Bureau also estimated that the median pay for school bus drivers averaged at $34,450 a year, or $16.56 per hour as of 2019.

Some employment organizations have conducted research and shown that more recently, the average weekly pay for a school bus driver has been reported as high as $827 a week.

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