How Much Does a Class B CDL Cost?

Are you thinking about becoming a professional truck driver? That’s great! However, now you have tons of questions. How do I sign up? Which CDL Class do I choose? How long is the program? How much does it cost? Do not worry, today we are going to help you answer all of these questions.

As you might know there isn’t just one CDL Class, there is a Class A, Class B and Class C. To these there is also an addition of different endorsement options. New Sound Trucking School is focused mainly on Classes A and B. With a Class A CDL you will be able to drive bigger trucks, like semi trucks. By obtaining it you have access to the same trucks as Class B; nevertheless it does not work the same way the other way around. The vehicles covered by Class B are all the ones with a gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) of 26,001 pounds or less, vehicles towing a trailer with a weight rating of 10,000 (GVWR) pounds or less, or vehicles listed under Class C, if properly endorsed. Examples of a career as a professional truck driver operating a straight truck would be:

  • City buses
  • Tourist buses
  • School Buses
  • Segmented Buses
  • Dump trucks with small trailers attached
  • Box trucks used for various deliveries
  • Mixer Truck
  • Utility Truck
  • Tow Truck

Length for the Class B CDL Program

The two classes vary in the vehicles, cost and also length. Class B is a course that requires 80 hours to complete while 40 hours per week. You will be able to complete it in two weeks, as opposed to the four weeks for Class A. This explains the difference in price between the two classes. Class B is twice shorter than Class A and therefore the difference in costs.


The cost of the tuition also varies for each class, state and whether a college or private school provides it. The cost of a CDL school is generally between $2,500 to about $8,000. New Sound Trucking School offers Class B program for $2800, which includes 80 hours of theory knowledge, pre-trip inspection, in cab inspections, air brakes, driving and other advanced driving techniques. You would pay for the school in one lump sum instead of per week or semester.

Fees For Getting Your CDL In Washington:

  • CDL knowledge test – $35
  • CLP – $40
  • CDL skills test – $250
  • CDL skills test for school bus endorsement – $100
  • Add CDL endorsement to a WA driver license – $10 license fee + $17 per year for the time remaining on your license
  • Transfer out-of-state CDL to a WA CDL – $191
  • CDL re-qualification – $35
  • Renew with commercial driver license endorsement – $180 for 6 years

Additional fees that do not go into the cost of the program but are usually required by the DOL.

  • DOT Medical Certificate and Drug Test – $120
  • Driving Record – $13

Coming up with the money to go to school can be intimidating, even if you know that it’s a great investment that can change your future. Luckily, the field of trucking has a significant shortage of drivers. Because of how rapidly this industry is growing, many organizations and employers hope to make trucking schools more accessible to interested students. The class cost might be a lot at once for some people but luckily gives the opportunity of paying half down at the beginning of enrollment and then continuing with weekly payments until the end of the program. There are also other types of financial assistance alternatives if you need more options:

  • Work Source- which pays for a portion or the entire tuition if you are unemployed or qualify in any other way.
  • TANIF education and training benefits- could be an option depending on your status.
  • Unemployment retraining benefits
  • Department of L&I retaining benefits
  • We also work with industry leaders (trucking companies) who offer tuition reimbursement to students.
  • For those who do not qualify for any of the above programs we accept personal bank loans or student loans through Paramount Capital.

Our Trucking School offers students one-on-one Job Placement Assistance and works closely with companies to get you hired. The outcome of the program will be worth it since you will have options to catch up with the money spent on the classes considering that the average salary for a truck driver is $70,000 or even more if you become an owner of a truck business. Compared to other jobs you need often need a certificate, diploma, Associates degree or some other kind of degree, which means that you would need to pay for at least 6 months of studies or more than 2 years for a degree. This could add to thousands of dollars, while CDL classes are shorter and a great way to save some money.