How Long Does CDL Training Take?

How Long Does CDL Training Take?
If you've decided to become a successful trucker, the first step is to enroll in a CDL school. Operating a truck is no simple task, and you are required to have a specific level of skills and knowledge to be a successful driver.
When you are searching truck driving schools in your area, you may notice that most CDL programs are full-time. Those students who dedicate 40 hours a week to their truck driving training, don't have enough time to work until they get their CDL. It is important to know how long does it take to get cdl, so it will help you plan your schedule until you start your new career.
However, you should understand there isn’t just one simple answer. The program of each truck driving school includes CDL Class A, CDL-B, or C training. So how long to get cdl depends on which class a student takes. Training at truck driving school can take 3- 6 months because each CDL class takes a different amount of time to complete.
How Long Is CDL School? What Factors Affect 
Becoming a professional truck driver is a big decision. Choosing the right trucking school will help you prepare for the career you want. In addition, you should understand how much time you need to spend in school. Comparing different education programs for truckers in your city, take into account these factors:
  • Part-time or full-time education
Some trucking schools offer part-time options. If you choose to attend a CDL school part-time, you will spend more time to get your license.
  • Schools
Each school provides different CDL programs. For example, some trucking schools offer a weekend-only schedule so students with full-time jobs can attend more easily. However, these programs will take more time to complete training. Other schools offer their courses during the week that take less time for training.
  • Classroom hours
If you want to know the answer, how long does it take to get cdl license, you should understand how much time classroom hours would take. 
Some trucking schools expect students to pass their written exam before they start their education that's why they offer fewer classroom hours than others. If you pass your written exam before starting your training, you can complete your education more quickly.
  • States
Each state has its own CDL requirements, for example, a future truck driver in Florida should complete a different amount of training compared to a trucker in California.
  • Driving hours
Each CDL school provides different driving hours. You can require additional driving hours, it will take longer hours, but it will make you more successful trucker.
  • CDL license class
The most important part to understand how long truck driving school takes is what the license class you choose. Schedule your time of your education in school with your long-term career goals.
  • Trucking companies
Employers across the country have their own requirements how long does it take to get cdls. For example, some trucking companies require 160 hours of CDL training, while others require 120.
  • Endorsements
If you want to get an additional endorsement to your CDL license, such as school bus driver, HAZMAT, or doubles/triples, you need to spend extra time of your training period. With endorsements, you can receive more job opportunities once you earn your license.
It is useful to compare different trucking schools and their training options. So you have an opportunity to get a trucking career quickly and affordably. Your task is to contact CDL schools and find out how long their training is.
Class-A CDL Training 
Class-A CDL allows truck drivers to drive across state lines. Also it gives you an opportunity to drive more vehicles freely that Class B and C allow.
Receiving Class-A CDL license does not take several months to complete. So if you are ready to take a full-time training course, you need to take 5 days a week. You can receive your license and become a trucker as few as 3-6 weeks.
You are required a full-time commitment for this course because it looks like a full-time job. Students need to spend 40 hours a week. However if you have a job it would be difficult for you to combine this course and your job.
If you can't allow to give up your job and study at CDL school, you can take part-time program. So how long is a cdl class of part-time training? You will complete this training in 3 months. 
Each truck driving school provides different requirements for the time needed to complete the program.
Class-B CDL Training
CDL-B training differs from CDL-A training because it will be faster and not so expensive. Truck drivers are required to operate heavier vehicles that could weigh more than 26,000 pounds. And how long is cdl class? You can complete this course in as little as 7 days to 3 weeks. But you will not have so many high-paying opportunities as a trucker with a Class-A.
Class-C CDL training
If you want to be a trucker and operate vehicles carrying more than 16 people, like a school bus, you need CDL-C training. In addition, you need to receive endorsements. For example, drivers of school busses must have a school bus endorsement. Time needed for training depends on your school and state.
So how long does it take to get a cdl? When you decide to become a trucker, be mindful when choosing CDL school to get your license. Because time depends on the trucking school, part-time or full-time education, state, company, the program and other factors. Truck driving training can take as little as seven days or as much as several months. So 
If you decide to become a professional truck driver, you make a big decision. You must be attentive when choosing what is right for you and can fit your schedule and time. 
If you choose to have part-time training, so receiving a CDL license will take more time than if you choose to do full-time schooling. Remember that most trucking schools have common demands for truck driving training, but how long is cdl classes can vary depending on the school and state.
If you are ready to start your CDL training, contact our Truck Driving School and choose the right training program for you.