Top 10 Most Lucrative Trucking Jobs

Working in the trucking industry can be quite lucrative; the right job will result in higher pay rates, in a shorter period of time. Regardless of age or your experience in the industry, the right job is going to result in more earnings and better benefits as a driver. These are among the top paying driving jobs, when you are looking for a career in the trucking industry.

To help you navigate the web of driving jobs and figure out which ones are the most worthwhile, we’ve compiled a list of the most well-paid driving jobs out there.

However, the highest paid driving jobs come with inherent risks and danger.

  • Tanker Hauler – Gas, chemicals, and other hazardous materials are dangerous to be around; further, they require immense skill for you to drive and haul them. You’ll need to get your CDL endorsed to do this particular job, which can be both difficult and dangerous since liquid cargo can be unstable. Consider the extra training and certification as an investment in your career. For this reason, working in this industry, you are going to earn more, and depending on the type of hazardous material, and company that you work for, the pay rate can be rather expensive. The median salary for a liquid hazmat driver is $54,000 and a reported upper pay of $120,000.

  • Oversized Loads – Driving double wide trucks, and over load trucks will also result in a higher pay rate. Not only do you need a special license, special training is also required for the job. In turn, you will need to learn how to drive certain trucks, and will be paid more for this skill. An income of $100K+ is feasible if you work your butt off and are willing to sacrifice your personal and family time.

  • Ice Road Trucking – Due to the conditions and dangerous road conditions, you can earn quite a bit in this field. In a few short months you can earn anywhere from $20K up to $75K, working only part of the year.

  • Hazmat Diver – Like tanker hauling, hauling hazardous materials is another way to up your game. Get your CDL endorsed for this skill and you can widely increase the number of tanker hauls you’re eligible to do. Endorsing your CDL means you have access to a specialized (and lucrative) category of jobs. Hazmat drivers are also guaranteed a minimum of $1,000 a week after a year of experience according to

  • Specialty Car Haulers – Transporting cars that are damaged or need to be delivered to customers, is also a high paying job. If you deliver specialty, luxurious cars, you can earn even more when working in this field. The median pay for a transport driver is $73,000, a reported high income of $120,000. The starting salary is around $60,000 for a driver with little experience in hauling cars.

  • Dump Truck Driving – Transporting and working in the dump trucking industry is also a high paying job. You can find jobs in various locations, internationally, and you can work for small local companies, earning a high pay rate as well.

  • Mining Industry – Deliveries, pick up, and other work in the mining industry is quite lucrative as well. You can work for small companies, or work as a contractor in this field as well.

  • Specialty Auto Haulers/Car Transport – These will be hauling the trailers with a dozen or so cars racked on them that you see rolling down the highway. Involves a higher level of attention to the details of securing your load and checking/double-checking the restraints used. More work for the truck driver hauling cars translates into better pay. Even more specialized jobs include single-car hauling, for auctions or classic/antique collectors, and hauling trailers for NASCAR teams.

  • Owner Operator Truck Driver – Owning your own trucking business means being responsible for all the operational expenses, however, being your own boss can be rewarding. Independent truckers and owners can make close to $200,000 a year depending on the miles driven, type of delivery, customer satisfaction, etc.

  • Instructor – Working in a trucking school may also allow you to earn some money. Not only do you stay in one location, and work with students, you don’t have to do the long hours, or dangerous roads, and can earn rather well.

Depending on the job, benefits, and company, earnings will vary. These are a few of the top paid positions in the trucking industry. Also, acquiring your CDL, specifically Class A, allows you to have an edge over others.

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