Trucking Companies Hiring New Drivers

Are you going to become a truck driver? It can be hard to find a trucking company that hires truckers before they have any experience. So it is important to choose the right truck companies hiring new drivers because internships in collaborating trucking companies are not as lucrative as you would like to be.
If you want to meet your long-term goals, you need to find a trucking company that provides great benefits, vacation time and compensation. 
When you are a new driver, you maybe think that there are not many trucking carriers hiring inexperienced truckers graduated CDL School recently. But it is a good news for you, there are many trucking companies who are ready to hire new drivers. 
So let's try to find truck driving companies hiring no experience drivers:
  • Swift Transportation or Swift Trucking
Swift Transportation Company is top ranked among drivers with no experience. They offer modern and vehicles that are safe for their truckers, good salary and great advantages to their truckers. Swift Transportation Company is always searching drivers who can commit to operating their trucks and provide quality service to their customers. The firm includes over 20,000 different types of trucks. 
The Swift offers professional development for its truck drivers. They provide different CDL courses and professional support for their workers to meet their goals in the trucking industry. It is a good benefit for new drivers to get professional skills.
  • US Xpress Inc.
If you are looking for a reliable trucking company that values its employees, US Xpress is what you need. It is a very popular logistic company for its professionalism, a wide range of different trucks and a quality customer care service. 
The company supports drivers with no experience, so in the first year you can earn up to $80,000. Also they fund students to help them get their DL license and become a truck driver in their firm. 
So they are ready to hire students who have completed their CDL classes even if they have zero experience.
US Xpress is considered as the best trucking company for new drivers because they offer high wage packets. Therefore, the truck drivers who have only recently completed their CDL school can receive great reward. For any truck driver a good salary plays an important role.
Also, as a new driver you can expect extra benefits from US Xpress that are connected with dental insurance or health insurance, medication and even more - a great experience for new drivers.
  • Werner Enterprises
Werner Enterprises is also considered as one of the trucking companies for new drivers and known for its wide range of global logistic services that include ocean, air, and rail transportation. 
This company is ready to offer services across the whole continent. That's why they always try to support new drivers. 
They have special driver placement team that helps new drivers start their trucking careers offering the best advantages to meet their needs. 
So the company offers wage packets, amazing benefits for any trucker, and the best support, Werner Enterprises is a great company for new drivers. 
Werner Enterprises is among the best trucking companies hiring new drivers. This firm provides training for their new workers and always help them get the experience they need to become a successful trucker in future.
  • C.R. England Inc.
C.R. England Inc. is considered as the best company to drive trucks for developing driver and providing high salaries and great benefits. 
The trucking company supports drivers with zero experience in their professional career. They encourage truckers with no experience, helping them improve their skills and become a professional driver. 
As new truckers drive more miles, they become successful truckers at C.R. England, their salary and benefits will become higher.
  • Schneider National, Inc.
Schneider National, Inc. is one of the truck companies that hire new drivers and offer great benefits and high quality training to get a Class A CDL license for drivers with zero experience. 
Its headquarters is based in Green Bay, Wisconsin. The firm provides different services such as long haul, expedited, intermodal, cross-dock logistics, port logistics and much more.
Schneider National offers a wide range of trucks that require professional truck drivers. However, you have a chance to receive a job as an inexperienced driver - you must be 21 years of age and have a CDL license.
  • Roehl Transport
Roehl Transport is among the largest logistics firms in America and trucking companies that hire new drivers. This firm offers job opportunities to drivers with zero experience. Here you can become a driver of dry van, specialized, refrigerated, curtain side and others.
You can start as a new driver with no experience; take their training programs to receive the necessary experience of a successful trucker. It's a good chance for beginners.
You Have Opportunities To Get a Trucking Job with No Experience
It is not easy to find a job as a truck driver with no experience, especially if you do not know how to get this job. Don't send thousands of applications because they can be turned down.
Try to research best truck companies for new drivers you are interested in working there. Apply only for companies that you are sure will hire truckers with zero experience.
Doing it, you can save time and emotions to focus on actions and move your career to the next level. You can start with those companies we have mentioned above in this article.
Don't waste time. Hit the Road!
If you are an inexperienced truck driver and want to get a trucking job, the best way will be to put in the work. Start looking for the best company for new truck drivers and begin applying as soon as you can. Remember that drivers with great experience are in high demand but newly established companies can't allow to hire them because they are too expensive for them. So as a new driver you have an advantage for gaining employment.
We are ready to support on your way to becoming a successful truck driver, contact our team at Truck Driving School.