5 Must Have Qualities Of a Good Truck Driver

It’s not easy to be a truck driver even it is one of the most lucrative careers in America. Professional driving is more than just getting a truck from Point A to Point B, and a skilled truck driver is much more than mere steering-wheel holder. The first step to become a truck driver is to earn your commercial driver’s license, but a great truck driver must have other important qualities as well. Probably most people can manage to drive a truck after having practice but best drivers have great qualities that the top companies are looking for. Take a look at these characteristics of a great truck driver.

Excellent Driving Record

A great truck driver has an outstanding driving record. It runs parallel with alertness. If a driver is not alert, they’re going to have problems which may turn into poor driving records. It means they’re less likely to earn quality jobs and money because not-so-good driving records show clients that a driver’s not safe on the road.

Excellent driving records give the employer confidence that the equipment and cargo is in good hands. Outstanding driving records show that the drivers not only have respect for others sharing the road, but also professionalism and self-respect.

Time-Management Skills

It’s difficult to progress if you don’t have this quality as a truck driver. You need to be able to manage your time and meet a specific schedule which customers have and if you’re not able to do it, they may hire other drivers.

As a truck driver, you must get your orders to clients on time, take the breaks at the best times, and get back home. Some situations are out of your control and lateness will happen from time to time, but you must be as consistent as possible. It makes your company and customers trust that you will deliver the order on time.

Knowledge Of a Truck

As a great truck driver you need to have basic knowledge of how a truck operates because you’re bound to have some standard mechanical issues or to run into a flat tire.

A good general knowledge of your truck helps you out in a pinch while on the road, for example to change a fuse or light bulb. It also saves you time and give you the ability to get to the location to fully address the issue. Being able to solve minor problems helps make sure your truck is complying with safety standards is also important.

Stress Management Skills

Stress-management skills are necessary for a great truck driver. Sometimes it can be stressful to manage your time on the road, your relationships with your customers, the random roadblocks that pop up. But a great trucker knows how to manage stress, such exercises as meditation, talking to your family, listening to music, and more. You will become a better truck driver when figure out the methods that work best for you.

The Ability To Work Independently

Truck drivers work alone because they are out on the road, away from “technical support.” That’s why they must be able to be responsible for the truck and its cargo, and make the right decision in an emergency. Self-dependent drivers keep their knowledge current so that they can solve problems, whether they are mechanical difficulties or cargo issues. So, an important quality of great truck drivers is ability to work independently without having to consistently rely on others.

The rising demand on such services as logistics and transportation creates more and more jobs for truck drivers. Today’s cargo transport industry needs great truck drivers.

At our school, the quality of our truck drivers is one of our highest priorities. Our company values our drivers not only for the work they do but for simply being great drivers who have such characteristics as:

  • Self-dependence.
  • Good stress-management skills.
  • Mechanical knowledge and skills.
  • Punctuality.
  • A Spotless Driving Record.